Sophie Ziegler has been taking photographs for as long as she can remember, but her professional career began after she studied Photography and Studio Lighting at Richmond College leaving with a Distinction in City & Guilds Portraiture. As a mother of young children herself, the obvious target for her lens was other children and their families.  Photographing children has remained a constant theme which has over the years led her down a variety of different paths.

In 2005 Sophie took up school photography and she approached this with her usual individual style.  The blue cloudy background was out, along with the weirdly brushed hair and forced smile.  Instead, the children were encouraged to relax and be themselves, the ensuing photographs were very different from the usual fare and resulted in her being taken on at schools all over London.

"I get so nostalgic when I look at this photo.... it's the only picture of the girls I truly love"     Parent at Bassett House School

As the photography of children carried on apace, different avenues opened up and her fascination with the medium took her to exploring other aspects of the photographic world.  She captured all the Ottakar's Bookstore events including the Harry Potter launch at Alnwick Castle;  she moved into the fields of Product and Lifestyle taking photographs for the likes of Prestat and Filofax;  she started photographing weddings and parties, somehow managing to capture the atmosphere and the essence of the occasion without being intrusive or overbearing, no stone being left unturned, no moment missed.

"We use Sophie for all our photographic work because, quite simply, she never lets us down" Nick Crean, Prestat

Sophie's signature silhouettes capture the essence of the subject, relying solely on the stance or the expression. They can vary from the most traditional Victorian style classical head and shoulder profile or conversation piece to the extremely contemporary 'action' silhouettes, bursting with life and a vibrant palette of colour.  The sitting takes place in her studio in Acton, the final result is a collaboration between the client and the artist.  They look equally stunning as striking, simple black and white images or blown up into A0 size canvases using a vivid palate of colours.  Artwork doesn't come much more personalized than this.

"What fabulous, wonderful, amazing photos - thanks you so much for charming all my family into performing or better still for looking natural... you have a magic touch" Jocelyn