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About Me

Sitting here wondering what to say about myself without sounding insanely pretentious makes me realise it’s really very simple, I just get an extraordinary amount of pleasure from taking photographs and seeing the end result. The capacity that photography and film have to encapsulate a moment, freeze time and create extraordinary memories is unparalleled. Added to that, I believe a photograph that captures you as you really 'see' yourself, is more than just a bit of paper, or digital image, it's an affirmation of who you believe yourself to be. Everyone should have a photograph of themselves they look at and feel good about - it's the photograph that says 'this is me' - the one you see in the morning and think 'Hey, I'm OK, I can do this...'

So having spent the last thirty years or so photographing everything from weddings to schools, fabulous parties to sumptious products and interiors plus filming a documentary or two along the way, I'm now focusing on my two greatest photographic passions: portraits and silhouettes. The new website reflects this.

Contact Me

48 Perryn Road

London W3 7NA

Tel: 07957 218 864


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